ST TN_1.1.1-min

modern Indian kitchen
Storyblocks // experimental film

sentiment // joy
2023 // Delhi, India

every YouTube channel’s favourite stock website Storyblocks wanted to create a stock-footage set, the theme of which was ‘the modern Indian kitchen’ and we were brought in for the execution, but not without deploying our own Neo-Indian cinematic lens. we setup a moody dinner scene to get the most drama out of our lighting and planned a massive set of rushes which brought together a family of 5 to the table but the majority of which stayed in the kitchen around a somewhat overworked mother. we like to think the set came out out well-seasoned, balanced and usably authentic. here's the link, for you gastronomic pleasure //

director // rhiju talukdar

producer // yashi paswan

dp // ashwini pakhrot & shrey deepranjan 

asst. dp // karan rajput

production co-cordinator // nidhi shetty & karan rajput

editor, vfx // vishal singh

colorist // vladimir blinov

location // dimple farms, chattarpur, delhi

location manager // aziz khan

location co-ordinators // kazim, danish, om prakash

mother // madhu

son // rudransh kapoor

daughter // kiara singh

father // rakesh kwatra

grandfather // manoj tandon

art director // shabd

stylist // anita das

hmu // rupal

first ac // zaakir & navaaz

gaffer // kishan & mujib

camera // world media vision, delhi

lights // light n light, delhi

catering // kuldeep

spot // babu khan & bros

bts photographer // mahee

special mention // adam at storyblocks

moral support // rajeev parajuli