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what makes a good brand film?

Branded films are becoming an increasingly popular tool when trying to increase brand awareness.

how video helps brand marketing?

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular with the change in user preference on consuming content.

why do people film experimental films? 

Experimental films typically use unconventional techniques and structures.

can you make money from travel videos?

With YouTube, TikTok and Instagram becoming increasingly popular...

what is the difference between video editing and video production?

If you’re just getting started with filmmaking...
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tag, you’re it!

The protagonist, the antagonist and the staggering moral compass.
Film crew

the anatomy of film production: why is production important in film?

It might seem daunting at first if you’re looking to create your films...

proper tea manors

A pun infused memoir of 5 years of making films for the Real Estate industry
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how to start a travel vlog in 2024

If you are thinking about starting your own travel video blog or ‘vlog’...
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what is the most famous music video of all time?

There are a vast number of music videos available...
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how do you come up with concepts for music videos?

Are you trying to make your move in the music industry?

chaos for the win!

5 reasons we loved watching Christopher Storer’s ‘The Bear’.

how are independent films funded?

Many people think that to produce an independent film it costs an arm...

screenplays that sell 101: structure

There’s no recipe for a great story! No wait, there is.

what is considered an experimental film?

If you are new to the film industry or are simply a fan of cinematography...

from text to screen. part I.

A study of how books metamorphosize to movies...

the pride month, and you.

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.

can you make a zero budget film?

what is the objective of a brand film?

Brand films are long-form videos created to soft-sell a brand and are used as a form of digital marketing.

film genre cocktails, best served fresh.

As a film production house, we love categorizing and sub-categorizing...

how can video production help your business?

No great business in the 21st century has grown without video.

leaving it to the TV umpire

🔘Some of the ad films released during the IPL...

don’t call yourself a filmmaker if you haven’t watched these 10 classics (still relevant in 2022)

Filmmaking is an art🎭 form that has been around for centuries.

co-writing with AI – 3: help me

in my opinion, and open-ended horror story makes for a better horror story.

your independent film idea is great! now, let’s make it awesome.

🖐 5 ways to make your independent film stand out.

massy or classy – 8 ways to identify which approach works best for your brand films (2022)

video is a powerful💪 marketing tool that can help promote your brand...

thinking about getting a film made? this is how you can budget it [DIY] ⚠️

so maybe you don’t want to type ‘ad film production company in india’...

what you need to know before starting a production house 🔥

a production house is a business that provides creative and technical...

do this before you make a brand film

your 8-point checklist to ensure your brand’s key asset makes an impact.

co-writing✍🏻 with AI – 2: the chariot

this week we’re channeling our inner sidney sheldon’s to try and co-write...

9 reasons why video production is booming in India📍

as india continues to grow as an economic powerhouse 🔌

co-writing✍🏼 with ai pt.1: mr. mulayam

we don’t really like it when someone calls dot films a production house...

your blockbuster shoestring debut awaits! 💥

15 budget music video ideas and considerations for the upcoming...

vlog, stock & barrel 📹

11 life-lessons to make your travel videos constant hit-makers. (2022)

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