3Ws and a start button
River // brand film

sentiment // joy & surprise
2023 // Bangalore, India

one of the better philosophies a company could have is ‘just do, then observe what helped keep everybody motivated to do it and make that your company philosophy’ - this is what became our spring board for River's philosophy film for their 2023 launch. a little, cheeky, choppy and incidentally motivating, the film is a flighty montage of questions, textures and people that make up the engine of River as a brand. the film very purposefully steers clear of over-intellectualization and leaves viewers appetized for the rest of the brand. and credit where it’s due - kudos to the River team for being a little courageous in giving the public a first look at their brand.

director // rhiju talukdar

dp // shrey deepranjan and karan rajput

producer // yashi paswan

editor, vfx // vishal singh

drone operator // panidhar 

voice over // rhiju talukdar

sustainable stationery // Naren raj and ashutosh ananth, rescript 

yoga instructor // carolyn chittilappilly

youtuber // arjun kurunji

art director // saniya

gaffer // manjunath

panther operator // sarvana

camera // rectangle studios, bangalore

lenses //  skywork studios, mumbai

lights // cinema angadi, bangalore

special mention // good folks at river