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the one for everything
River // brand film

sentiment // joy
2023 // goa, India

entrepreneurship is hard, and it helps to have something to navigate through it. an electric scooter maybe? our use-case narrative for River film based in Goa presents the story of two young food-trucking hustlers who are going through the motions of any young business, and also a working relationship. the film is set against the backdrop of a slightly less exotic Goa and a song that’s an homage to old heartfelt local ballads. the film is light-hearted, the characters drive the story and we keep the presentation of the product incidental to this story, in its entirety making for a cute, cheeky and charming story of friendship, persistence and maybe love.

director // rhiju talukdar

producer // yashi paswan

dp // siddharth dugha

asst. dp // shrey deepranjan

production co-cordinators // karan rajput & nidhi shetty

editor, vfx // vishal singh

music producer // brandon mendes

lyricist // naisa lotlekar

singer // belinda mendes

field recordist // siddharth sadasiv

colorist // daniyar mussin

storyboard artist // yati sharma

location manager // naezen, aziz khan

location co-ordinators // sagar, regina, trevor

food truck owners // errol peter marks, devdutt dani

keep goa green artist // abhishek khanna

talent manager // sims casting house

extras casting // rupali nasnodkar

art director // raushan kumar raj

line production // indiana productions, goa

transport // sagar

first ac // sanket gawas

drone // pius anand

camera // bless films, mumbai

lights // bless films, mumbai

hmu // chandrani

catering // tulsi

spot // vivek

stay partner // ginger