AYODHYA HOABL_60 SECONDS V3.00_00_40_03.Still001

echoes of time
HOABL // brand film

sentiment // awe & love
2023 // Ayodhya, India

what is life if not a convoluted tale of learning and unlearning. presenting echoes of time - a journey into Ayodhya, its ethereal beauty, its ornate past and apparently a bright tomorrow. a melody in synchrony, keeping time. for some Ayodhya is a manifestation of devotion, for us it has become an emotion that lingers still. anchoring the many angles, edges, crevices, heights and simplicity that is Ayodhya through the POV of the many people that make it what it is.

producer, writer, director // yashi paswan

dp // shrey deepranjan, karan rajput, mahee agarwal

editor // shrey deepranjan

drone // harsh patel, vivek

colorist // leonardo masoero, shrey deepranjan

location co-ordinator // manoj ji

camera team // rahul dubey, harinder, aman

kolkata dp // tanmoy karamkar

mumbai dp // yatin soin

lucknow dp // sandeep

camera & lights // world media vision

voiceover // dileep, saiyam sharma

stay partner // the ramayana hotel

music // light continuum by pendulum theory, musicbed

all time support // aziz bhaiya, rajeev Parajuli

people praying
View overlooking a fair
Woman holding boy
Narrow brick walkway
Inside a building with pillars and marble floor
silhouette of a child in water
ceiling rose
patterned Ceiling
Sunset over water wit 2 boats in