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dapoli #nofilter
HOABL // brand film

sentiment // joy
2023 // dapoli, India

‘i’ll just have to airdrop you these, there are way too many photos’ - this is the central blurb of our moment-narrative for House Of Abhinandan lodha travel film for their upcoming DApoli- based project called Cape Of Bliss. we presented the location as a kind of picturescape which requested, no, demanded constant attention, and deservingly so. we have our small crew of 4 young friends for the job gathering their personal heaps of moments as they go along experiencing Dapoli's many virgin experiences, textures and histories. the film is set against a song that we thought appropriately fit the vibe of Dapoli, with its old-meets-new postcard scenery. the film works well to sell the need for a holiday, and in the process, the proposition too, so overall a success wethinks.

director // rhiju talukdar

dp // shrey deepranjan

producer // yashi paswan

production co-cordinator // karan rajput

editor, vfx // vishal singh

photographer // kunaal bose

colorist // michele ricossa, no color

art director // raushan kumar raj

location co-ordinators // raj, yash

stylist // shweta & deepshika

dressman // vyas

car courtsey // swaraj

talent // chaitanya, khushboo, saafi, neeraj

talent manager // sims casting house

transport // nilesh, rudra, srikant

first ac // deepak r gupta

drone // pius anand

camera // bless films & pr, mumbai & lights, camera, rental, goa

lights // bless films, mumbai

hmu // bharati & team

catering // comfort inn

stay partner // comfort inn

music // good day to be alive, musicbed