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anjarle: all magic
HOABL // brand film

sentiment // amazement
2022 // Anjarle, India

there'a quaint little coastal town in Maharashtra called Dapoli and tucked away in Dapoli is Anjarle, a beach area that's being developed by the house of abhinandan lodha for customers with foresight. we wanted to the capture the mellow air of this upcoming tourist destination that's pregnant with opportunity. our film is essentially a travelogue-montage that takes viewers through the experience of time there but from a distance, and with a nostalgic quality.

director // rhiju talukdar

dp // shrey deepranjan

producer // yashi paswan

line producer // karan rajput

talent // vinay singh/richisha

drone operator // piyush aanand

colorist // vladimir blinov

sound design, mixing, mastering // blueeyedlemon

voice over // dipiti

equipment // one stop cine digital, mumbai