street cricket
artgrid // experimental film

sentiment // joy
2022 // faridabad, india

this was cinematic stock website Artgrid's Indian pilot and they brought us on board for our taste and execution. the brief needed us to capture a series of clips for the theme of 'gully cricket' so we went all in to get as authentic and rustic as the dusty-eyed spirit of gully cricket truly needed. this is an edit of some of these clips, put together in the way we hope some editor around the world would.

director // rhiju talukdar

dp // shrey deepranjan

producer // yashi paswan

line producer // karan rajput/adi

location manager // aziz khan/om prakash

players // abdul khalik/yash/raj/aasif/abdul nasir/sameer

bts // rajeev parajuli

equipment // world media vision