what makes a good brand film?

Branded films are becoming an increasingly popular tool when trying to increase brand awareness. Different styles and methods of delivering brand messages are being created which is making the industry interesting. But if you are new to this, you may need some guidance on your first brand film. So, what makes a good brand film?

A good brand film should consist of a clear narrative and a call to action. Some of the best brand films also show true authenticity throughout and evoke emotions in viewers which makes them sharable. All of which contribute to brand awareness. 

Keep reading to find out more about the key features of a good brand film as well as the difference between brand videos and corporate videos.

what are the features of a good brand film?

Branded video production is a great way of encouraging viewers to connect with your brand. By creating that connection, you make your brand more relevant to viewers and they are more likely to use your brand in the future. There are an array of benefits that film can have on your brand marketing, and you can read more about it here in our dedicated blog. But for now, let’s explore the features of a good brand film.


Ensuring your brand video is authentic is key to its success. This includes aligning the video with your brand message and core values. Being consistent with this authenticity throughout your brand film is essential to building trust with viewers. Authenticity is becoming increasingly more popular due to viewers being more particular about which brands they trust and use. 

A great way of demonstrating authenticity is to try and touch a nerve that only your particular brand can. This can be achieved through fictional storytelling or dramatisation.

clear narrative

Historically, brand films have been known to come across as quite sales-focused which doesn’t always translate well with viewers. As brand marketing has changed, a different style of video production has been adopted so that viewers don’t feel as though they are being sold to. 

Having a clear narrative in your brand video can completely change its impact. Taking the viewer on a journey that is separate to but also relevant to your brand can evoke emotions in them. Taking them on this narrative journey can encourage them to trust you rather than being directly sales-focused. 

sharable content

With the rise in the use of social media, ensuring your content is shareworthy has also become an important factor. When viewers connect or relate to a video they love to share it on their own social media profiles with their friends and followers. Therefore, creating a brand film that gets your message across whilst also containing a feature that people want to pass on, is essential. If you can get this just right, the level to which your brand film could be shared is uncapped, which in turn is great for your brand awareness.

call to action

Whilst the goal is to make sure users don’t feel like they are being sold to, it is still important to have a call to action at the end of your branded video. Viewers need to know who the brand is if they are going to remember the message moving forward. The call to action doesn’t need to be anything intrusive, in fact, often just your logo at the end of the video can be effective.

presenting your brand as an empath

Presenting your brand as an empath or listener is another key feature of a brand film. By riding on an event, insight or specific emotion that is relevant to your audience, you are able to create a connection with them. Tinder has a brand of films that demonstrates this very well. Take a look below.

what is the difference between a brand film and corporate film?

You may not be aware that there is a difference between brand film and corporate film. In fact, they have completely different purposes. Take a read below to learn the differences between the two, so that you can decipher which type of video production is right for you.

Brand Film 

Corporate Film

Drives awareness of your brand.

Typically a non-advertisement style of video.

Can be used across multiple digital channels, including shorter down-edits.

Usually released on the company’s website. 

Useful for launching new initiatives. 

Examples include safety videos, shareholder videos, proposal videos and product videos. 

Typically attracts attention and encourages action. 

Integral part of corporate communication. 

Demonstrates your core values throughout.

Ofsted incorporated in press releases or newsletters to increase reach.


corporate video example

Below you will find a good example of a corporate video produced by Microsoft. On this occasion, the purpose behind this corporate video is to communicate a rebrand. The interesting twist with this video is that Microsoft decided to include interviews with the staff from the agency who helped with the rebrand. Have a look for yourself.

brand video example

Next, you can find a good example of branded video production. IKEA Malaysia created a brand video that explores the concept of creating new behaviours. This clearly demonstrates the initiatives they are trying to push by using less packaging and less screws. Take a look below to see how they portray their core values. 

is it worth creating a brand film?

The reality is, when done well, branded film production has the potential to elevate your brand to a new level. Especially if your message is unique or powerful enough that people want to share it and it goes viral. This is why it is worth investing in a reputable film production company which can take your brand message, narrative or goals and create a storyboard that comes to life. 

What’s more, brand videos go one step further than just demonstrating your message. They can also offer the following benefits:

  • Boost sales
  • Influence buyer decisions 
  • Helps with SEO rankings 

For a more in-depth explanation of how brand videos can help with this, be sure to take a read of our informative blog – How Video Helps with Brand Marketing?

brand film production with DOT FILMS

Here at Dot Films, we have years of experience in developing effective brand film productions that make an impact. As a team, we love to think outside the box which can be particularly effective for brand films, especially if you want them to become sharable for maximised brand awareness. Contact us today, to discuss your ideas and how we can bring them to life. 



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