how video helps brand marketing?

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular with the change in user preference on consuming content. Brands are starting to utilise this change in behaviour and apply it to their marketing strategies. But how exactly can video production be beneficial for brand marketing?

Video production can be beneficial for brand marketing by:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Boosting Conversions 
  • Supporting SEO rankings 
  • Influencing Buyer Decisions
  • Matching Content Decisions 

Keep reading to find out more about how video production can benefit brand marketing as well as seeing some examples of good video marketing. 

how can video benefit brand marketing?

If you are on a lower budget, or if you are an SME, you may have avoided video marketing so far. Dot Films is here to show you the key benefits that video can have on your brand marketing and why you don’t need a large budget to increase conversions. Take a read below to find out the main benefits video can have for brand marketing.

increase brand awareness:

One of the main benefits of video production on brand marketing is that it can increase brand awareness. Due to videos being more interactive than images or text, they make it easier to form a human connection with the user. Creating videos that build trust such as meet the team videos or behind the scene clips of the office can help users see that you are a legitimate business. 

Ultimately, creating videos can make your business seem more relatable and memorable to a user. The user can also consume this content easier and remember it when they need a service or product that you sell. 

boosts conversions:

Another benefit of video marketing is that it can help to boost conversions for your business. In fact, research shows that 97% of people as part of this study have purchased an app or piece of software due to effective video marketing. In particular, it is found that the top conversion tools within videos include annotation links and CTA forms. 

Video marketing can be quite usual for products or services that are explained with visuals. When words don’t do your business justice, demonstrate your product through video and highlight the key benefits. 

support SEO rankings

Brand marketing in the form of video production can also help to boost your SEO rankings. Ultimately, delivering content in a way that is the most useful to a user is going to make their experience better and Google recognises this. 

Ensuring your video has keywords in descriptions can also help you target relevant users to your business. What’s more, every time a user shares your video, or it is linked on another website, this can help with backlinks to your website which in turn helps you rank higher and draw in more traffic. 

influence buying decisions

Over the years there has been a change in user behaviour whereby people look for more trust signals before making a purchase. This can include looking at reviews as well as watching videos online. 

Producing high quality videos that engage users whilst explaining the benefit of working with you or purchasing your product can influence their buyer behaviour compared to a simple CTA.

In fact, studies have found that video production is influencing buying decisions so successfully that 40% of marketers who were not producing short-videos in 2024 have now adopted this approach. 

matches content trends

Using video production for your brand marketing also allows you to keep up with content trends. Users love consuming content that is relatable to them and matches current social trends.

If you can find a way to deliver your brand message whilst also producing content that your users relate to you may even reach users that you have not come across before. 

what attracts people to video?

Now that you are aware that video consumption is on the rise and how it can benefit brand marketing, you may be interested to learn what exactly attracts people to video. The reality is that video production allows users to engage on an emotional level or even become invested in a short story. This in itself can distract them from the marketing aspect of a video and just make them feel as though they are consuming interesting content. 

In addition to this, video marketing is often easier for users to consume which is why it is a preference to them. If you compare heavy written content on websites to an easy to consume video, the choice is naturally leaning towards a video for users. Especially with the rise in users on YouTube reaching 2.70 billion

examples of successful video marketing

If you are feeling inspired to try video marketing but are not sure what you should be aiming for, take a look at some of the successful examples we have collated for you below.

John Lewis Christmas Advert

Every year, John Lewis produces a Christmas Advert that plays on viewers emotions. They have been so successful over the years that these videos are something that viewers look forward to and expect from the brand every year. This is definitely an example of successful brand marketing and how if it is done well, the benefits can pay off for years to come. 

Smyths Toys QR Code Video

Smyths Toys also have a great example of video marketing. They have produced a Youtube channel that has individual videos on how to use each of their toys. The voiceover for these explainer videos is a child’s voice, to reinforce the idea that Smyths are the leading toy brand.

Go Pro

GoPro utilised video marketing effectively by demonstrating how great their product is in an extreme situation with a kitten and a Fireman.

video production at dot films

Dot Films are here to bring your vision to life. Whether you are looking for a more creative, experimental video or something more direct, speak to our team and we can put a storyboard together. 



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