what is the objective of a brand film?🎥

Brand films are long-form videos created to soft-sell a brand and are used as a form of digital marketing. They tell a story and connect the audience to the brand’s core message. In this blog, we’ll outline the various objectives of a brand film and support these with real-life examples.

So, what is the objective of a brand film? The ultimate objective of a brand film is to connect with your target audience by demonstrating that you share similar values. The aim is to effectively convey a feeling or experience that the audience can relate to.

Keep reading to learn more about each objective and how to achieve them whilst creating a brand film.

objectives of a brand film

A brand film is extremely effective when it comes to promoting a company’s mission and values. This is because it goes beyond a traditional commercial introduction and instead explores the ‘why’ behind your company which, let’s face it, is the most important factor for most consumers. The ultimate goal of the piece is to connect with your target audience by demonstrating that you share similar values. 

The most important part of a brand film is that it’s able to convey a feeling or experience, whilst focusing on the bigger picture. As a result, there is a greater focus on scripted messaging, compelling visuals and music. A well-designed brand film can be used for multiple marketing opportunities. These include things such as your website, pitches to clients, recruiting events and conference presentations. 

So, now that we know the main objective behind a brand film, let’s delve into the various other goals that contribute to an effective and engaging brand film..

define your key message

Most users prefer to consume information visually rather than having to read large blocks of text. A video is a great way to effectively communicate to your audience quickly. We currently live and work in a very fast paced environment that means users need a quick and easy way to get information. Consider how your customers currently interact with your content and this can guide your video content direction. For example, animated videos are a great way to keep viewers engaged while also saving you the expenses of shooting. Listen up guys because this is the most important part of your brand film. Before beginning your project, ask yourself what it is you want viewers to do after seeing your brand film? 

Are you trying to rouse excitement in your audience by creating an energetic film that celebrates moments of social gatherings for a new launch of Adidas trainers? Or, are you hoping to instil trust in your audience by producing a calming film that uses natural scenery to promote Volvo’s commitment to building a sustainable future? 

Our top tip is to write down a couple of key takeaways you want the viewer to draw from your video and remember to bear these in mind whilst planning your brand film. 


focus on your brand's mission

Think of a brand film as a commercial for your mission statement. In the same way that your mission drives your work, it will also act as the driving force behind your video. Generally, your mission should be capturing who you want to help and how you’re going to do that. Don’t forget, it’s crucial that you take the emotion from behind your mission and capture it on screen.

tell a story

Good marketing is all about storytelling. In fact, there’s a story behind everything that we do in life. Perhaps you have a client story that perfectly captures who you want to help and how you did it, or a story of the rich history behind your family’s business. The next step is to think about the best way to bring these stories to life. Here are some questions to consider whilst deciding how to bring your story to screen:

  1. Is there a re-enactment? 
  2. An interview with a client?
  3. Footage of family photos with a voice-over?

Choosing a storytelling style that fits your message and brand can make or break your brand film. So, whether it takes an interview format to encapsulate genuine human interactions or an electric vibey approach that captures the explosive flavours and atmosphere of a Japanese restaurant – it’s all about finding the best way to tell YOUR story. 

keep it simple

While a brand film can involve multiple elements, it shouldn’t be so complex that there are character arcs and too much background. Focus on a couple of key points you want your viewer to absorb. Branded films should be concise, with a run time of at least one minute to capture your story. Your piece should be no more than three minutes. You don’t want your viewer switching off!

be authentic

Make sure you use techniques that fit with your brand. There’s absolutely no point using sweeping views of nature if they do not fit with your brand’s vibe. Your brand’s unique voice can be conveyed with the tone used in the video. Is your company’s tone playful or professional? Is it inspirational or sensible? 

Use your project to show the world who you really are, potential customers are far more likely to interact if they believe that you are being truthful and transparent. 

leave your audience wanting more

Your brand film should leave your target audience intrigued. When an audience is intrigued, they’re far more likely to research a product or brand further. 

different types of brand films

There are many different types of brand films that can be used to achieve different goals or tell different stories. Here are a list of some common examples – 

  • Brand Launch Films – These projects are designed to introduce or reintroduce a brand to the world and typically focus on highlighting the key aspects of the brand’s identity, values or vision. 
  • Customer Testimonial Films – These films feature customer stories, reviews or feedback about the brand to help build trust and credibility with potential customers. 
  • Brand Evolution Films – These pieces focus on telling a narrative that showcases how the brand has evolved, highlighting key changes or milestones in its history. 

some examples of brand films that deliver 

Here is a list of effective brand films that audiences are able to connect with:

  • UNICEF – “If you Have”

An inspirational documentary that celebrates 75 years of UNICEF’s lifesaving work around the world, as told through the eyes of the people who live in the remote mountains of Nepal. This brand film mixes rare historical footage with in-the-moment filmmaking. This allows the audience to draw clear parallels between past and current events. 

  • Nike – “Moving Mountains”

Shot as an episodic series for Nike Journal, this film celebrates the intersection of advertising and entertainment by exploring stories of heroic yet average, everyday athletes worldwide.

  • Shopify – “UNITE: Mobilising Entrepreneurship” 

This Shopify brand film follows three people from different backgrounds as they tell their stories of serendipitously connecting with each other, despite the distance, to fulfil their dreams of mobilising entrepreneurship. Shopify cleverly plants a seed in the viewers’ minds of getting ahead by walking your own path, likely through setting up a Shopify account.


brand films with Dot Films

At Dot Films, our approach to any video production project is underscored by the importance we give to what a film makes an audience ‘feel’ over anything else that they take away. We believe that businesses, no matter how technically involved, always benefit from having a living, breathing visual story which they can rely on to emotionally sway their target audiences rather than persuade them through information. 

Take a look at some of our brand films to see what we’ve been up to. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your weirdest and wildest ideas, dreams, problems, products or heartaches. 



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