what is the difference between video editing and video production?

If you’re just getting started with filmmaking, the different terms and bits of jargon can be quite confusing. One such question about filmmaking terminology we get is “What’s the difference between video editing and video production?” In short: 

The difference between video editing and video production is that video editing only refers to post-production work; cutting the film together, adding audio, filters and effects. Video production encompasses the whole project, from pre-production planning, through filming and into post-production editing. 

Read on to learn more about video editing, video production, and what the difference between the two is  with DotFilms.

what is video editing?

Video editing happens post-production – once the video has been captured. It is often the most time-consuming part of making films, and the decisions made here can be critical for the look and feel of the final product. 

In its simplest form, video editing is cutting and splicing footage together. But, it can also include the use of filters, audio, graphics, visual effects, and more. 

The process of video editing is not a one person job; it requires a wide range of skills, including Picture Editors, Sound Editors, Music Editors and Mixers, VFX Artists and more. Typically, these people work quite closely together, and with Directors and Producers to ensure that the final cut adheres to the storyboards and screenplay created in pre-production. They must make sure that this final cut matches the Director’s vision.

what is video production?

Video production can be broken down into three key areas; pre-production, production and post-production. Essentially, this equates to planning and strategy, filming, and post-filming tasks such as editing.


The first part of creating any film is pre-production – this includes everything needed to plan the whole project, including:

  • Financing;
  • planning;
  • Hiring and casting;
  • screenwriting and storyboarding;
  • and so much more.

Pre-production will look different for every project, depending on the type of film being created. For example, a full feature film will take much more planning than a company marketing video. Regardless, filmmakers must recognise the importance of pre-production as it sets the tone for the rest of the project.


the production process

Whilst this stage will look different for each project, you can expect it to follow a similar process.

  1. Producers and directors are brought on board to get the project off the ground. The Director will be in charge of any creative elements of the project, whilst the Producer will be responsible for the logistical aspects of production. 
  2. Writers and Cinematographers are then hired to work together with the Director to work on scriptwriting or adapting existing work for the screen.
  3. A shot-list will be created to guide the shooting schedule and various production tasks.
  4. At this stage, the Producer and their team will begin to scout filming locations, hire talent, finalise budgets and set a production schedule. The Director may also get involved in some of these tasks.
  5. A marketing strategy may be outlined during this stage in order to build hype and promote the film further down the line.


Post-production refers to any elements of filmmaking that occur after the film has been shot. This largely falls under the umbrella of editing, which we went into in more detail above. 

This stage doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it can take several months, depending on the type of film being made. But, it’s during this stage that everything comes together to form the Director’s vision. 

so, what's the difference?

The difference between video editing and video production is simply that video production encompasses the entire project from its conception through to release. Video editing, on the other hand, only refers to the post-production stage

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