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how to start a travel vlog in 2024?

If you are thinking about starting your own travel video blog or ‘vlog’, it might seem like a daunting task. There are millions of other users on sites like YouTube that are trying to achieve the same goal, so the competition is often fierce. So, how should you start a travel vlog in 2024? How can you make sure that your travel vlog will stand out from the millions of others?

To start a travel vlog, there is certain equipment that will help you to get started producing content such as a DSLR camera, additional camera gear and a computer with modern editing software. You will also need to develop certain skills such as story-telling, dedication, social media presence, networking, and audience interaction.

Read on to find out more about how you can start your own travel vlog.

get started with travel vlogging

The best way to start a travel vlog is just to start filming! Go on a trip and start filming content, taking into consideration the best practices and skills described in this blog that will help to make sure you can grow an engaged audience.

how do travel vloggers get paid?

If you are pursuing travel vlogging as a full-time career, you will likely be thinking how you can turn a hobby into a career. Typically, travel vlogs are uploaded to YouTube. On YouTube, you can keep track of how many people view your content and subscribe to your channel, while also offering the potential to monetise your videos. Another way that travel vloggers monetise their work is through the use of affiliate links. By promoting a certain product or service, travel vloggers are able to earn a commission by featuring content in their videos.

brand endorsements

As a travel vlogger, you may be able to receive compensation for product features in your videos, website posts and social media updates. Brand endorsements typically come from companies that operate in the travel and lifestyle space. This includes hotels, airlines, tour operators and travel equipment manufacturers. To secure a brand endorsement, companies will usually require a certain amount of traffic and engagement with your website and social media channels.

the best equipment for travel vlogging

While the quality of equipment used for travel vlogging can vary massively, when you are just getting started you can just concentrate on covering the essentials. 


To start a travel vlog, any entry-level DSLR should provide the level of quality and functionality you require. Some vloggers use their mobile phone to record their video content which can prove some success, however a higher-level of quality can be achieved with a DSLR.

computer & editing software

A computer or laptop that is easily transportable will be essential for producing your travel content. The go-to editing software for videos (and photos) is normally Adobe, but there are a number of other options available. If you own an Apple mac product or similar, a number of travel vloggers use the editing software that is included.

skills to succeed as travel vlogger

When you are looking to grow your travel vlog to reach a larger audience, there are a number of key skills that will help you to succeed:

  • Story-telling – It is important to develop your skill as a story-teller, as this will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.
  • Dedication – While it can be a steep learning curve and there may be times where it becomes challenging, it is important to persevere
  • Social media – It is vital that you are using social media to promote your content as much as possible.
  • Networking – Contact other content producers to find out what tips they have that might help, and see how you can use their advice to grow.

Audience interaction – Make sure that your audience is made to feel like they are part of your experience, and include them in your content.


We can bring your travel story to life, and help you to make your travel vlog a success. Contact us today to find out more.



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