how can video production help your business? 🎥

No great business in the 21st century has grown without video. Something of an inevitability now, video graduates your business from the crowd in the cave to the crowd on the auction tables. Statistics show that users retain 95% of information in videos compared  to blocks of text. In this blog, which you probably wish was a video, we go into more detail about the many benefits that video production can add to your business.

So how can video production help your business? Besides the better-knows softer benefits of using video, such as having an inherent strong control on people’s attentions and emotional responses, the other benefits of video production for businesses include shareability, improved SEO, increased sales and being able to show off the unique aspects of your business. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of video production for your business, plus advice on making a compelling video of your own.

what are the benefits of video production for a business? 🔖

Videos are a great way to visually show your business to existing and potential customers. This could be products, reviews from customers or experts from your business explaining your services, the possibilities stretch as far as your script. Below, we discuss the many benefits of video production for your business. 

visual presentation 🪩

Most users prefer to consume information visually rather than having to read large blocks of text. A video is a great way to effectively communicate to your audience quickly. We currently live and work in a very fast paced environment that means users need a quick and easy way to get information. Consider how your customers currently interact with your content and this can guide your video content direction. For example, animated videos are a great way to keep viewers engaged while also saving you the expenses of shooting. 

show your personality

If you want to show off your business’ personality and ethos, video production is the ideal solution, and far better than text-heavy brochures. Many customers prefer to see the real people behind a business. It is reassuring to know that they are dealing with actual experts in the field. This also presents an opportunity for showcasing any unique aspect of your business, including members of your team. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Besides, the extent of personification that video grants your business is far higher than any other media. People like people, not what they write. Period.

shareability 📎

Another major benefit of video production for business is its shareability. Users are more likely to send a video link to their connections as the information is instantly available. A video is 5x more likely to be shared than a link, especially on social media platforms. In turn, this increases brand awareness and word of mouth, in particular where brands create something outside of the norm. And in today’s social plazas of Instagram and other social media, sharing content is itself an act of comradery. 

increase sales 💸

Video content has been shown to significantly increase sales of products. This is especially true for educational videos that explain how a product or service works. These videos show expertise and allow customers to gain a greater understanding of what they are purchasing. Users are more likely to trust a company that shows they know what they are talking about with video being the greatest validation they can get only next to using the actual product. 

SEO value 👩🏼‍💻

If you are trying to increase your ranking on search engines, videos are a great addition to your site. Video content encourages users to spend more time on your website, which signifies to Google that your website has great content. Statistics show that your website is 53 times more likely to appear at the top of search results with video content. Videos can be shared across multiple platforms including social media and YouTube, all of which can guide users to your website. 

how to make a compelling video for your business ☄️

It is important to consider the following things when it comes to creating video content for your business:

Being very aware of your audience is essential to make sure you target the right users. This includes considering the tone of the video and the appropriate platform for your content. If the content is not appropriate for your audience, they are likely to switch off and not convert. Consider whether they would prefer a more of a fun video or an informational video would be more appropriate for their needs and your services/products.

The length of your video can play a huge factor in engagement. Most users prefer a shorter video that quickly gets the information across.

Visual style is another important aspect that can help your customers to recognise your business. This can be down to colour and lighting choices.

Make sure the main focus of the video is clear, such as the product you are announcing or showcasing. If the quality of your video is not excellent, it can be detrimental to your business’s reputation. 

Of course, when you work with experts, most of the points mentioned above are handled by the video production team. At Dot Films, our process starts with disseminating a brief as granularly as we can, in partnership with our clients. This includes an alignment of tastes, understanding everything about the requirement and then drawing an estimate from an initial video production plan that suits the need without compromising on quality. This is followed by an exploration of scripts and concepts which are further drilled down to reach an optimum balance of form and function. Then we go into actual video production, which in itself is another blog to write about, and finally post-production, where we stitch, colour and do the necessary sound design and musical scoring. 

video production for businesses with dot films 📽️

Dot Films is built on the intent of being a singularity of light, sound and sentiment, where sentiment is the real operative word. Our approach to any video production project is underscored by the importance we give to what the film makes audiences ‘feel’ over anything else that they take away. We believe that businesses, no matter how technically involved, always benefit from having a living, breathing visual story which they can rely on to emotionally sway their target audiences rather than persuade them through information. 

We’ll be happy to discuss your briefs and walk you to the intersection of ideas and output. 



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