mr. mulayam

Co-writing✍🏼 with AI pt.1: Mr. Mulayam

We don’t really like it when someone calls Dot Films a production house in Delhi. It’s at best a gross oversimplification and honestly dehumanising. Which is why we’re experimenting with non-humans, AI to be more specific. 🤖 Here’s the first piece from our series of attempts to co-write stories with AI.

For our first piece, we cozied up to the idea of fringe professions, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Also, disclaimer where it’s due, none of what you will read is true, that includes characters, situations or any resemblances to real life. 🥴

This is the story of 34 year-old professional cuddler, Jabda Sharma 👨🏻. Jabda, a bachelor and delivery agent during the day lives with his roommate in a locality in Dwarka and moonlights as ‘Mr. Mulayam’. He grew up in Banaras but moved to Delhi in his early 20s, after a haphazard education looking for greener, softer pastures. After many odd jobs, he was introduced to the world of high-paid underground cuddling after once being rejected for applying to a job as a gym trainer🏋🏻, thinking his fit physique gave him an obvious advantage.

“I’ve always been a touchy person and I love hugging people. When I was recommended the job for professional cuddling, it just seemed like the perfect job for me,” Jabda told us.

He usually charges anywhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per session, which can last anything from one to four hours depending on the client, locality and nature of cuddles. He also provides a special package for cry-cuddling 🥹 where he cries alongside his client.

“It’s very therapeutic. It helps the person feel better and also lets me vent out my own emotions. I’ve cried with some of my clients and it has helped us both heal in our own ways,” he said. While most of his clients are women, Jabda doesn’t discriminate and is open to cuddling anyone who requires a few hours of simple human intimacy.

“Mulayam is gentle, a great listener and extremely professional” says one his name, who we shall call Shalini in this article for privacy. With this professionalism also comes boundaries. Jabda explains that there are certain things he won’t do during a session.

“I never kiss my clients or allow them to touch me anywhere inappropriate and I always walk them out after the session is over,” he said. 🌚

Jabda is also one of India’s very few professional cuddlers and hopes that his story will help raise awareness about the need for addressing the pandemic of loneliness.

Jabda has many interesting stories to share. During one of his sessions with the wife of a famous industrialist, he was treated to a lavish meal and given expensive gifts, which he says makes the whole job worth it.

But at the end of the day, he is just happy taking care of people and being able to help them through their dark times. “I love my job,” he said.

And with that, we wish Jabda all the best for his future endeavours.

If you or someone you know is struggling with loneliness, please reach out to a professional cuddler in your area📍. Jabda Sharma can be contacted at jabdasharma21@gmail.com.

What did you think? 🙇🏻‍♀️ Write to us with your human hands. And feel free to use this as inspiration for your next script. 



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