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5 reasons we loved watching Christopher Storer’s ‘The Bear’

Candid camera movements – we see you. Niche subject – we see you. Well researched storyline – we see you. Straddling rugged and extremely bright visuals to show contrast – we see you! 👀

If you have happened to watch The Bear and have obsessively googled about it 🤓, you would know that many people in the restaurant business claim that this show tells it exactly how it is, and the fire-and-blood depiction is what they relate to the most ❤️‍🔥. This show is a satire to large family dynamics, an ode to toxic masculinity, a charming tale of vulnerability and a bitter-sweet romantic revere – all in one.

Christopher Storer received much acclaim as the creator, co-showrunner, writer, and director after the release and success of this show; and his honest and passionate storytelling gained him three Emmy nominations. 🏆 There’s a whole plethora of reasons to love this brilliant show, but we’ll go into detail of just 5 for now. 

1. the intensity 😵‍💫

The gravitas of each intense moment keeps you on the edge, episode after episode. The best way to describe it would be watching hours of cliffhangers. The timers, the quick dialogues, the constant movement, the deliberate camera angles from the perspective of someone with-in the kitchen, the zoom-in shots of the expressive faces of the extremely talented cast and the layered stressors – all have been the perfect recipe (pun intended) for an immersive experience – an exaggerated sense of being right there with the cast. This submerged feeling that Chrisopher Stroter created is so rare that one wants to hold on to it, even if it is causing them moments of discomfort and stress.

2. the moments of calm 🧘

Chritiopher Storer’s intelligent storytelling makes us almost crave for these precious moments of calm, connection and stillness sprinkled across this delicious show. The more he intensifies a segment, the sweeter the moments of calm that follow – it’s almost like he wants to reward us for baring those extreme emotions and a rather fervent atmosphere.

3. the dialogue 🦜

So crisp and clean, you want to devour them! The complex give and take seems to come easy to the inhabitants of the world created by Christopher Storer – but to the knowledgeable eye – it is anything but. The writing makes us laugh, cry and hold on to the edge of our seats – making it immaculate, yet vulnerable. As a writer, I often found myself asking the profound question – “how the heck did he do that?” You dont even mind the very frequent cussing because of the earnesty of the storyline and the conviction of the theme itself. 

4. the chemistry 🧪

Christopher Storer didn’t hesitate one bit to put each one of the characters in a furnace of a situation with every other character – and to push things further, no conversation actually finds any resolution in one go. Much like real life, the tangled ends unravel slowly and tastefully, savoring the nexus of human emotion, finding closure in parts that hold meaning just as much as the whole.


Save the best for last, as the saying goes. This list would be incomplete without a mention of the earnest, flawless performance that Jeremy Allen White as Carmen blessed us with. His dedication and commitment to tell the strong narrative in his own unique way shone through several sincere moments through the series. He didn’t even use a hand double in those intense scenes of chopping, whisking, carving, marinating and engastration – he did them with such proficiency and nonchalance that it’s almost certain for one to forget that they are watching a show with an actor and not a real chef. And that is just the tangible angle, he also played the subtle emotional undertones amazingly well. It’s no wonder that his sincerity to do justice to ‘Carmy’ won him the best actor award at the 2023 Golden Globe. 

This show has a lot of learning to give to every enthusiastic filmmaker and storyteller. Inspiring and authentic, real and honest – The Bear made us feel our feelings and has us craving for the next season. Have you watched The Bear? What did you think? We’d love to hear. 



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